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Hi, my name is Sherene. I live in London and work as a corporate professional.

I recently graduated with an MBA from London Business School, during which I spent a semester at The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. Before my MBA, I worked in the banking industry for a number of years in London and Singapore. During my time in finance, I was restless and worked on part-time basis in the start-up world, launching and/or working on (digital IP management service), The Kerala Standard (aggregating digital content), Global Young Indian Professionals & Students (GYIPS, think-tank for overseas Indians’ interests), etc at various points. My interest in the start-up world particularly in the digital space, remains keen.

Before moving to London, I spent over 7 years in Singapore. I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering (with a minor in technology entrepreneurship) at National University of Singapore and I spent a semester abroad at Penn State. During my final year of university, I had the pleasure of working as an intern in tenCube in their early days, a couple of years before they went on to get acquired by McAfee.

I grew up in India, moving all over the country as my father got posted to different places in his military career. My family is still based there and, despite ~14 years of separation, India still remains home.


Tech, Entrepreneurship, Business, Economics, Arts, India, Politics, London, Travel, Language, Writing , Public Policy, Feminism.

I maintain an active interest in a myriad range of topics. I Tweet. I Yelp.

Contact me at [firstname] dot [lastname] at gmail dot com

All views my own

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