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St. Gallen Paper Abstract

November 7, 2009

‘Top Searches’ tells me someone is frantically searching for the paper I had submitted for the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence award & ISC Symposium and which I had up on my previous homepage. Will put up the abstract here, and the rest of the paper if this person says hello in the comments 🙂 I am just curious about the identity of this person who reads my stuff.


Note about the topic: As has become characteristic of me, I started writing this essay exactly 24 hours before the deadline. The choice of topic for the essay continued to elude me for much longer. Having written about 700 words on another topic, a toilet break brought me the much-needed moment of epiphany of what I really want to write about and how.

The paper Juxtaposed: Where there is light, there is shadow addresses specific issues regarding resource-rich countries, particularly those flush with oil resources. It presents the paradox of plenty such that in the long run, most of these countries perform poorly on almost all parameters of development, prosperity and wealth. The paper aims to sensitize the reader to the tragedy afflicting the people inhabiting these countries; they live in repressive systems designed to deprive of them what can be considered rightly theirs. These peoples’ misfortune has caught them in the quagmire of power politics, such that their nations’ fates are decided by other resource-poor but influential countries. It is hoped that this paper instigates thought and debate among its readers about the need for evolution of these resource-rich nations.
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