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July 4, 2012

I realised quite recently that I have been eerily quiet on this front about the fact that I have been on my MBA journey since last August, almost as if I am trying to avoid the topic. Which I am not, by any measure. It is just that the experience has been all-consuming and so involving, the way I have chosen to undertake it, that it has been hard for me to step away from it and state a few words about it. I still hope to do this over the next few weeks, particularly to address an area that I have discussed at length with various classmates, admits, potential applicants etc – Why do an MBA? Is it always sensible? Is it relevant anymore? And the most tricky question of all – is it a good investment of your time and money? But that’s for another day.

Before that, might I alert you to a venture that has been most interesting and novel at the same time – my most unusual summer internship, for which I have teamed with 5 of my MBA classmates and set up a full-time strategy consulting firm for the summer. This is a concept unique to London Business School, now in its 11th year, and it is an excellent training in entrepreneurship and consulting and everything in between – pitching, sales, negotiations, presentations, client management et al. Furthermore, it is not everyday that you get to add value to established businesses who have such excellent infrastructure within. Past teams have worked with awesome brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Roche, BP, Allianz, BT, LinkedIn, UBS, Virgin, Heinz, Hertz and many more. We have signed on interesting clients this year but we still have some capacity to fill for the rest of the summer so do look us up. Our projects tend to be priced between £15,000 – £50,000 – aka, we are a bunch of professionals with some formidable consulting and professional services experience within our group, not a student outfit looking to gain experience for free. I have to state this bluntly to ensure the discussion starts off on the right note 🙂

Here are some details:

Team Brochure: Here – note that we operate under the LBS brand and are well supported by the school and therefore benefit extensively from access to rich databases, alumni, faculty et al. We also receive some excellent advice and mentorship from a top-tier strategy consulting firm. Trust me, you would be paying significant premium for such resources at any other point of time. After all, we do call ourselves ‘Tomorrow’s Strategy Consultants, Today.

Website: (put up by yours truly, quick and dirty, in true start-up fashion, so do reserve your judgement :D)

Team Mascot/Maverick/Jester: Here – really, what else did you expect? 🙂

Do note that we don’t exclusively work on UK projects; we are able and willing to travel internationally for projects.

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